The Essential RxJava Guide for Android Developers

By Jim Baca

 Android Developer, Public Speaker, Tango Dancer, & Ginger Beer Enthusiast


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As Android Developers we have tons of choices when it comes to handling concurrency. Which one do we choose? This guide focuses on ReactiveX for Java (RxJava).

This is not just another blog post nor just a RxJava tutorial. This is a full blown ultimate guide about learning RxJava. This guide is over 7000 words long.

It breaks down the anatomy of Rx to make it easy to conceptualize. It contains video, it has diagrams, It has references to useful libraries.

Actually I lied most of the sample code is written in Kotlin. What can I say? I love Kotlin. If you are still using Java for your Android development fear not everything in this guide still applies.

That’s because we still use the RxJava library. While we do use RxKotlin. RxKotlin acts as a supplement. You can think of RxKotlin as sitting alongside RxJava enhancing it (not replacing). This gives us some additional convenience functions. RxJava works out of the box with Kotlin.

Before we get started. Take this 9,586 word must have RxJava guide for Android Developers with you. Get it here: