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Is Kotlin a Fad?

Should I learn Kotlin? Is Kotlin a Fad? I was an early adopter and this was a common question I came across.  While I loved Kotlin this wasn’t a question that I could answer.  Fortunately I ended up on the correct side, and it’s safe to say NO.  Kotlin is not a Fad.  Google’s decision to announce first class support for Kotlin in Android speaks for itself.

Kotlin’s History

A brief history of Kotlin. Kotlin was announced in 2011.  One of the main goals was to fix deficiencies of Java without sacrificing compilation speed.  One of the main complaints with Java is due to it’s verbosity.  In February 15th 2016 Kotlin v1.0 was released.

How Many Apps in The Playstore are Kotlin Apps?

Unfortunately I haven’t found an official answer for this.  I’ve heard that 1/2 of the apps in the play store are currently using Kotlin.

What are the Benefits of Kotlin?

Kotlin has many benefits.  I’ve written about some of my favorite features.  As a whole, I’ve found that Kotlin allows me to focus on solving domain problems.  Instead of wrestling with the language and repeating myself, and guarding against null pointers.  You can read about them here:

Should I learn Kotlin?

Some languages have one use. Let’s look at PHP for example. PHP is only for server side programming.  In contrast Kotlin is a multi use language. Kotlin can be used for Android, iOS via Kotlin Native, Server Side using Ktor, web client side using React and Kotlin. In fact you should check out the Kotlin Conf App it uses Kotlin for all of the above.  How many other languages can you think of that allow you to do all of this?  What is the support like?

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