Why I Love Zeplin

One of my favorite apps is Zeplin. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s an amazing desktop app that helps you build pixel perfect mobile apps. To understand why it’s amazing let’s look at a typical workflow for coding up a design. Back when I first started android development the development flow was the following:

Patch Nine Not at Compile Time

If you aren’t familiar patch nines are really cool png files that have defined stretch areas as well as padding areas. I had experimented before and found that it was possible to generate patch nines at runtime in android. I posted some sample code on stack overflow here.

Book Review: 100 Android Interview Questions

I’m finally getting around to reading through this book that one of my colleagues wrote. I do like a good portion of the questions. I was a little disappointed that the questions weren’t all android specific(some that were Java specific). Overall I think this is a good set of questions to use as the basis for either preparing for an …

Manually Edit Git Hunks to Stage

One of my favorite features of git is the ability to commit partial changes to a file. Sometimes this is super easy as the changes I want to commit may not be near other changes I don’t want staged. Other times if the changes are too close to each other git has no idea what to do and it fails. …

Reformat Code in Android Studio

Quick Android Tip of the Day. Ever open a source file in android studio and realize that the code isn’t properly formatted? 3 Keystrokes is all that is needed to fix that. This works in XML files too not just Java and Kotlin. Auto Format Code Hot Key Mac: ⌘ + ⌥ + L or Command + Option + L …

No Ternary Operator :(

While programming with kotlin I wanted to use the ternary operator something like the following condition ? true_result : false_result. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the documentation, I went to the github repo and took a look to see if I could find the grammar for kotlin. Sure enough they have an expressions file. I took a look and …

Two movies I loved this year

I watched the Woman in Gold this weekend. I loved this movie, don’t worry there will be no spoilers. Actually I lied there will be spoilers but you will have to highlight the text to see them. The movie is based on a true story of a woman trying to reclaim a portrait of her aunt that the Austrian government …

Kotlin No Primitives

I am currently enjoying learning kotlin. I currently love that everything is an object. Nothing is a primitive. I never liked having a primitive type and a reference type for the same concept in the language(e.g. int and Integer). I also really dislike the confusion that == versus the equals operator causes. I understand the difference, as well as the need for them. I don’t think this was a well thought out part of the language. The number of bugs over(== v. equals) has likely caused is too damn high.

What is new in Android Studio 2.0

I just watched Android Dev Summit 2015 and here are the features in android studio that I’m most interested in: Faster emulators Emulators that you click and drag to resize while running! Better testing tools Running all test types at once(No more run unit test, then manually go run android tests) Instant run code! This allows you to update code/resources …

The problem with RxAndroid’s AndroidSchedulers.mainThread()

There is a really good short video by Ray Ryan from Square about how adding code like the following causes problems: newChild.post( new Runnable(){ @Override public void run(){ // do something with newChild } } ); Which at some point usually leads to you getting a null pointer exception.