Don’t stretch background images

I had a background image that I didn’t want to resize. But it was being forced to fit in the window and it looked ugly(See screen shots). I read that the solution was to make a custom drawable.

Android Platform Versions

I like to check the platform versions in use so that I know which API level to use while excluding the least amount of users. Google updates the platform page on the first and fifteenth of the month. As of this post, if a one develops for API Level 7 then 95% of the devices on the Android Market should …

Beginning Android Application Development

I was sent a free copy of Beginning Android for Attending the first AnDevCon. I really like that the book is in color it makes reading it so much easier. The part that I was not happy with was that the coding style in the book does not follow the android style guidelines. I realize that these guidelines are for …

Back from CTIA

I spent a few days at CTIA. I was able to try out the two new samsung android tablets. I loved them. Though the 8.9 just felt right in my hands. This was not due to weight, as the 10.1 was very light. I had fun meeting lots of people and talking about technology. I will probably be getting a …

Android Dev Con

I just got back from android dev con. I attended some really informative classes. There were some that I felt weren’t appropriate for the venue. I felt that some people were trying to sell products/services more than they were about development. One exception was the speaker for Mono Droid, Wallace McClure. His presentation was excellent because he actually showed code. …

Android Animation

I used the AnimationDrawable for the first time today. I wanted to illustrate how to play accelo break. So I took a few shots on my camera. Did some photoshop editing. I then dropped them into my project, it turned out pretty neat. Click image below to check it out.

Android Patterns

I just came across this Android Patterns site. And I love it.

New Android Game

I made a fun game of memory. You have to pair up the cards as quickly as possible. See who can get the fastest score. So far my high score is 60 some seconds.

BadTokenException for Dialog

I went to add a Dialog in a game that I am working on and encountered a BadTokenException. I initially thought that it was related to the library I was using for the game. Then I realized I was using an application context instead of an activity context(which is required for dialogs). For some reason the android documentation has an …