Second App On Android Market

Today I added my second app to the android market. The application is called Natural Clock. It is a clock that displays the time in natural language. So instead of say 12:05 it reads “It is five past 12.” See screen shots below:

Android Market Place Signup Loading Problem

So today I signed up for the android market place in order to publish my first app. I ran into a snag that lead me to believe that my account was not ready for use. Credit goes to Ramsey Isler for suggesting browser compatibility problems(I was using Firefox/3.5.15). I tried Safari and sure enough it just worked.

My First App Added to Android Market

Today I added my first app to the android market. The application is called Giftr. It is meant to facilitate gift exchanges. The user simply has to select contacts from their phone book and press one button and the rest is handled by the application.

Go for it on OSX

I wanted to try out google’s go language: I ran into a few bumps while installing it: ./all.bash — FAIL: os_test.TestRemoveAll RemoveAll “_obj/_TestRemoveAll_” succeeded with chmod 0 subdirectory?(extra *os.PathError=lstat _obj/_TestRemoveAll_: no such file or directory) FAIL make[1]: *** [test] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/go/src/pkg/os’ make: *** [os.test] Error 2 This error was resolved by not trying to install as …