What RxJava Book Should I Buy?

If you’re here you’ve probably asked yourself “What RxJava Book Should I buy?” I’ve seen this question a number of times. If you are looking at picking up a RxJava Book you should first know that there are two major versions of RxJava.

Since version 1 has a limited support time line all new projects should be using RxJava v2.  RxJava v2 has features that v1 does not have.  As a result I’d recommend grabbing a book that covers version 2.  Due to the fact that there are a number of books to chose from I’ve listed the books below. In particular I’ve described my take on these books.

RxJava Books v2

Learning RxJava Book

Learning RxJava

Learning RxJava

This book is my current favorite RxJava Book. I found it to be the most comprehensive book on RxJava available. When I run into into a problem or have a question and can’t find an answer online, I turn to this book for answers.

Reactive Programming on Android with RxJava Book

Reactive Programming on Android with RxJava

Reactive Programming on Android with RxJava

This book is great for an intro if you are using RxJava as an Android Developer.

Reactive Android Programming

While I haven’t read this book yet. I did checkout the table of contents and left feeling that this book was more focused on covering the most common use cases for an Android Developer. But I didn’t see advanced topics like dealing with Flowables, Backpressure, Subjects in the table of contents.

Grokking FRP: with ReactiveX and FRP

This one is too soon to say. The cover image title on Amazon didn’t even match the text title. We’ll have to wait and see what this ends up looking like

RxJava Book v1

Reactive Programming with RxJava: Creating Asynchronous, Event-Based Applications

This is my favorite RxJava v1 book. Because, it’s the most comprehensive book on v1 that I’ve read. To be fair, it was the first one I picked-up and I didn’t feel the need to look for others.

RxJava Essentials

Review’s on Amazon indicate that this one is very sparse, and not much better than the online docs. As a result, it’s probably best to pass as the average rating is a 2.3 out of 5.

Reactive Java Programming

Unfortunately I can’t say much about this book. It doesn’t have any reviews. Since I had found other books that worked well for me I haven’t picked it up. Likewise this book was published before RxJava v2 was released, so may be missing out on all the latest features/changes in RxJava v2.

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