Android Animation

I used the AnimationDrawable for the first time today. I wanted to illustrate how to play accelo break. So I took a few shots on my camera. Did some photoshop editing. I then dropped them into my project, it turned out pretty neat. Click image below to check it out.

BadTokenException for Dialog

I went to add a Dialog in a game that I am working on and encountered a BadTokenException. I initially thought that it was related to the library I was using for the game. Then I realized I was using an application context instead of an activity context(which is required for dialogs). For some reason the android documentation has an …

Lazy Loading GridView

I just added sample code showing one method of lazy loading images in a GridView. I used thread, handler, and the looper classes. It starts by displaying a GridView with a ViewSwitcher that initially displays ProgressBars for each image. Then as the images are sequentially loaded the ViewSwitcher switches to the loaded ImageView. Check it out here. Screen shot:

Added facebook wall posting to Android Personality Test App

I spent some time working with the facebook sdk for android. I felt like it was overkill for what I needed. So I decided to roll my own authentication handling code. When I went to post the android market had changed the publishing requirements. You now have to post two screen shots.